Main Characters

Rachel Cruise

Head Coach

Although she doesn’t “get” soccer, uber talented coach Rachel Cruise brings a lot of grit and toughness to the team. Cruise was once head coach of the women’s national hockey team – junior and Olympic – until some personal problems took over her life. Rachel Cruise hates reality TV, and is uncomfortable with cameras pointed at her.

Marco De Marco

Head Coach

Plucked from his role in sales at the Lucky 7 Car Dealership, Marco De Marco signed up to coach girls’ house league soccer because his niece Madison was on the team. A former soccer player himself, Coach Marco brings skill – and sanity – to a team that desperately needs it.

Dale Wingo

Head of Woodbridge Soccer Association

Wingo, as he is affectionately known, is struggling with how to make his city’s soccer club stay afloat. A fan of mauve sweatwear, Wingo can often be found on the sidelines encouraging the Lucky 7’s to compete as hard as they can to win – because his job is on the line if they don’t.

Denise King


Multimillionaire Nature’s Butter CEO Denise King made her money in the spreadable avocado business. Today, she’s a proud grandmother to Lucky 7 player Frankie. After an inoperable brain tumour diagnosis, King offers the city of Woodbridge a hefty endowment if – and only if – the Lucky 7 team can win the regional championship.



Witty, sarcastic and sly, Madison De Marco is team captain of the Lucky 7 Soccer Club. Her uncle, Coach Marco, is a driving force in her life, and is the reason she’s so passionate about the game.



Although not very athletic, Frankie pushes herself to compete for her grandmother’s sake. She’d much rather be making healthy snacks or vegan cupcakes, but understands the need to push her body to the limits, the way her grandmother would have wanted. She’s already started to get some muscle definition to compliment her curly red hair.



Self-proclaimed atheist and an expert at delivering uppercuts, Alex is the Lucky 7 enforcer (despite the fact that no one wants an enforcer on the team). Alex is very easily ticked off when people don’t live their lives according to the way she wants them to live it, and she’ll put you in your place with her biting remarks.



Poutine – real name Pascaline – is the quiet one of the bunch, probably to compensate for her overly loud and ever-present mother. Although skilled on the field, Poutine’s real strength lies in her ability to stick up for her friends.



Prima can often be found snuggling closely with her younger sister Segunda. This makes everyone uncomfortable. Prima believes practices shouldn’t be held on Sunday, the Lord’s day.



An 8-year-old Colombian sparkplug, Segunda is incredibly fast and agile. But don’t let her cuteness overwhelm you. She’s got enough attitude and quips to put even the toughest of adults in their place. Also, has an infectious laugh.



Stylish and sassy, what Emma lacks in effort on the field, she makes up for it in showcasing the latest trends and styles. Being goalie however, is not her thing – the balls come dangerously close to injuring her way too often.


Helicopter Parent

A proud French Canadian, Adele can be found at every practice and every game packing snacks, keeping kids hydrated, and ensuring the team is kept in line. Adele recognizes that being a helicopter parent to her daughter is a full-time job.